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10 Crazy Novelty Socks For Women That Are Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

Socks sure have come a long way since they use to be just black or white. Today you can find so many scks that are designed to make you laugh and put you in a good mood. I love using socks as a stocking stuffer, and there is no pun intended. They are perfect for the to fill up and people love ’em! With so many different crazy novelty socks on th market, you are sure to find at least one pair that is going to say something about your friends.

Trying to pick just 10 unique women’s socks was a chore, but we had a great time doing it! We tried finding something for everyone one, but that can be difficult to do. So you can check out the entire line here and maybe something that will fit better for that special person in your life who just loves socks!

Women’s Crazy Moo Moo Socks

 Womens Tubular Cow Socks


Who doesn’t love cows? And no, we are not talking about a good hamburger! We are talking about that striking black and white design that some people just go crazy for. While cow socks may not be for everyone, these are the perfect gift for the cow fanatic in your life! These are truly unique and as soft as they are, they just may never come off of the foot!

Insane Women’s Ostrich Socks

 Ostrich Knee High Socks


Have you ever looked at an ostrich and thought it was a particularly cute or pretty animal? More than likely not, yet there are some people who happen to admire this huge bird. If you happen to know one of those people, could you possibly go wrong with this funny pair of ostrich knee high socks? I would have to say that these just might make the win for the most unique pair of socks in your dresser drawer!

Open Mouth Fish Socks

 Wide Mouth Animal Novelty Crew Sock


I have never really understood having fish as pets, but I know for many people it is a true love. So why not reward them with these open mouth goldfish socks? These adorable socks are going to be an absolute favorite and the vibrant yellow color is sure to light up the room.

Presidential Abraham Lincoln Socks

 Lincoln Knee High Socks


How many times have you found yourself with nothing to wear on Preisdent’s Day? If you happen to have a friend who is really patriotic or simply adores the 16th President they are going to flip over this fun socks!

Women’s Poo Poo Socks

 Poop Spcks


We all have those days that we just feel like poop when we wake up. For most of it seems to happen on a Monday morning and we are already late for work. Why not help put a smile on someone’s face with these absolutely adorable poop socks? Who would have ever imagined that poo could be this cute?

MooshWalks Spanky Socks

 MooshWalks Socks Spanky With Ears


There are just some socks that cannot be described and this is a pair. Are they monsters, animals or aliens? I have looked at these socks and while I can not identify what they are, I absolutely love them and am sure anyone else would as well! These little critters are just too cute and will make someone’s feet very happy and warm!

Women’s Potty Mouth Socks

 Novelty Crew Socks ) with Sock Ring


We all have those days when we just want to unleash our inner sailor. However due to jobs and family, we tend to keep as many of the big words under our breath. However, if you feel like it is getting harder and harder to contain the F-bomb, these are the perfect socks to release your potty mouth and no one will be the wiser!

Day Of The Dead

 Day Of the Dead Socks


These Day of the Dead socks are perfect for anyone who wants to have an unusual celebration any day of the week! The bright colors will tend to shy away from the fact that you are celebrating death!

Happy Mushroom Women’s Socks

 Toad Stool Knee High Socks


It is time to get truly happy with some schrooms…no we are not talking about those types of mushrooms! We want you to and your friends to get jiggy withh these colorful mushroom socks. Not only are they a little bit wacky and insane…they are just screaming for fun!

Wacky Popcorn Women’s Socks

 Popcorn Socks


If you hapen to have a friend who loves to curl up and watch a good movie, you can’t get much better than these funny popcorn socks. Heck, you almost expect to smell that fresh buttery scent!

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

pokemon-halloween-costumesPokemon Halloween costumes are an essential item if you are looking to catch ’em all or are just looking for a whole lot of candy this year! These costumes are perfect for babies, kids, adults, even your pet! In fact, they are a great way to create a fun themed Halloween! While there are a lot of Pokemon Halloween costumes on the market, we wanted to make it easy for you.

Below you are going to find the best Halloween Pokemon costumes! Whether you are a fan of the adorable Pikachu or want to get the cool look of Ash, we have you covered in your quest!

If you want to catch them all, check out this full line of Pokemon Halloween costumes here!

I probably don’t have to tell you that Pokemon can be found just about everywhere! However, it was first released as a video game for Nintendo’s Gameboy way back in 1995. Since that time it has developed into a series of animated shows, comic books, soundtracks, movies, trading cards, and of course Halloween costumes. As of right now, there are over 802 Pokemon inhabiting our world. Imagine all the possibilities for Halloween costumes. However, for the majority of them, you are going to have to use a little bit of creativity and imagination as you are not going to find them at your local Halloween costume shop.

You will find some of the most popular characters online, and we have them all below!

Pikachu Pokemon Halloween Costumes

pikachu pokemon halloween costumesIf you know nothing about Pokemon, you still know about the Pokemon mascot known as Pikachu. This adorable yellow smiling creature is well known throughout the world. He is featured throughout the games and television show, which is why the Pikachu costume is one of the most popular in the Halloween Pokemon costume line. In fact, this is one of the Pokemon costumes that can be found for adults, boys and girls Pikachu costumes, babies, even a Pikachu dog costume! You can see the full range of Pikachu costumes here or look at three of the most popular below!

Pokemon  Pikachu CostumePokemon Pikachu CostumePikachu Costume DressPikachu Costume DressPikachu Toddler's  OnesiePikachu Toddler’s Onesie


Pokemon Ash Ketchum Halloween Costumes

ash ketchum halloween costumesAsh Ketchum is the hero of the Pokemon series, so it is no surprise that so many kids and adults want to be him for Halloween. In fact, you are going to find that both boys and girls love to dress up as Ash or Satoshi as he is known in Japan. His dream is to become a Pokemon master, as all of us do!

Pokemon Ash Halloween CostumePokemon Ash Halloween CostumeAsh Cosplay Halloween KitAsh Cosplay Halloween KitBoy's Halloween Ash CostumeBoy’s Halloween Ash Costume


Squirtle Pokemon Halloween Costumes

squirtle pokemon halloween costumesIf you have been searching for a truly cute Pokemon Halloween costume, I do not think it is possible to get any cuter than that of Squirtl. COme on, even the name is cute, unless you are in Japan and there he goes by the name of Zenigame. I will stick to Squirtle, thank you very much. Sadly, there are not that many costumes to choose from for this particular Pokemon. We have been able to find a boys Squirtle costume, a girl’s Squirtle costume, and a very simple Squirtle costume kit for a baby. Maybe it is due to the fact, that this little guy has never been able to evolve? Whatever the case, if you are a fan of Squirtle, one of these Pokemon Halloween costumes should work perfectly for you!

Squirtle Boy's CostumeSquirtle Boy’s CostumeSquirtle Girl's Dress CostumeSquirtle Girl’s Dress CostumeSquirtle Baby Costume KitSquirtle Baby Costume Kit


Charizard Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Charizard Pokemon Halloween CostumeThere is no question about it, of the some 800 Pokemon in the universe, there are some very cool ones. However, one of the absolute coolest according to fans is non other than Charizard! This is a greatPokemon costume if you are looking for the best way to be a lean, ferocious, fire-breathing dragon that is sleek, powerful, and utterly destructive! One has to wonder if Daenerys Targaryen the mother of dragons, would be able to contain the power of Charizard. We were able to find several costumes for boys and girls, including a very cool Charizard hoodie made just for adults!

Boy's Charizard  CostumeBoy’s Charizard CostumeGirl's Charizard  CostumeGirl’s Charizard CostumeChild's Charizard Halloween KitChild’s Charizard Halloween Kit


Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween CostumesBulbasaur has been a fan favorite Pomeon for years. In fact, he was named the 52nd most loved Pokemon of all time. Which is what we found odd about the lack of Pokemon Halloween costumes for this loveable guy. We know that a lot of people want to be him, but there is a lack of really good costumes available. In fact, we only were able to find a good Bulbasaur costume for girls. The other is a boys Bulbasaur hoodies and general kit. If you are looking to be this adorable Pokemon, you may have to use a little bit of creativity and create your own creation.

Bulbasaur Dress CostumeBulbasaur Dress CostumeBulbasaur Boy's HoodieBulbasaur Boy’s HoodieBulbasaur Costume KitBulbasaur Costume Kit


Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler

The Playful TigerFrom time to time, a toy hits the market that makes us say “why wasn’t this around when we were children?” Well, there’s a cool new toy on the block that has all of the kids going wild with every roar it makes – it’s Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler and today, we are here to tell you all about it …
What is Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler?
Roarin’ Tyler is the latest addition to Hasbro’s well-known line of Furreal friends. It is the perfect match for little ones that enjoy pets. Tyler is more than just a plush toy – he is capable of talking and making sounds. This adorable interactive little tiger can respond to sound and touch with lifelike movements. It looks a lot like a real tiger and has super soft fur, a pair of bright green eyes and a ferocious mouth that is full of teeth.
When the tiger roars, you’re going to see an instant smile spread across your child’s face …and possibly even yours. What makes the tiger roar anyways?
While the children can play with it and believe it’s magic that makes it all happen, it’s the sensors that are responsible for making this animatronic so cute. The Roarin’ Tyler has sensors on its head, nose and back. This means each time you touch it’s head, nose or back, you will receive a cute response from it.
Sounds – Roarin’ Tyler features a total of 100-plus motion and sound combinations with sensors on his nose, head and back. With each touch in those spots, he will respond in a different fun way.
Cuddle Him – You can pull him close to you and cuddle with him, thanks to the neat way his back legs were designed. When you nuzzle his cheek, he will respond with expressive eyes, tail movements and sounds.
Make a Noise – When you make a noise, Tyler give a loud jungle roar in response. After the children are all “roared” out, they can enjoy playtime with him as he is capable of responding to his squeaky toy (that’s right, just like a dog, he likes squeaky toys). With this amazing jungle pet rom Hasbro, children can experience fun, playtime moments.
While Tyler has a large amount of features that will keep the children busy for hours on end, deep down, he is a lovable cuddle buddy.
This pet is recommended for ages 4 and up. With this playful tiger, children can make every day as magical as the last.
At the time of writing this review, this toy has yet to be released. Hasbro currently has the release date set for fall 2017. However, from the looks of it, Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler is well worth the wait.
The Squeaky Toy
Let’s talk more about that squeaky toy …this tiger comes with a bright yellow squeaky toys – he recognizes this toy and responds to it with energy and spunk. I the child puts it close enough to his mouth, he will also chew on the toy.

Of course, Roarin’ Tyler isn’t going to take away those exciting trips to the zoo, but it will give children something fun and exciting to play with while they wait for their next trip. Regardless of how advanced these plush toys become, one thing remains – they will always be able to enhance classic play patterns for children. This includes role-play and storytelling experiences. When considering a new pet, a tiger isn’t exactly the first animal that pops up in our minds, but Tyler would make a great addition to the family. He is the perfect companion pet for both boys and girls.

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XPV Rock N’ Roll Groot

If you are a Marvel fan and you love everything about Groot, you’re going to be in for a big surprise when you see Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Rock N’ Roll Groot. If you haven’t got the chance to learn about Rock N’ Roll Groot yet, that’s okay, because we are going to tell you everything we know so far …

What is Rock N’ Roll Groot?

Are you familiar with the first Guardians of the Galaxy? If so, you probably remember the character with the limited vocabulary named Groot. The movie ended with Groot looking much different and younger than he …or maybe it started the new movie: Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2. In this movie, Groot was reintroduced and he picks up where the character ended the first movie.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 – XPV Rock N’ Roll Groot comes from Jakks Pacific – this is a toy version of Baby Groot as you see him in the second Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

In the movie, Groot likes to groove – so naturally, this toy will dance as soon as you play music. Included with the toy, you’ll have a remote control, so you will be able to make Groot move without music if you like. The remote control looks a lot like a 1980’s era mix-tape. It has two buttons that make Groot spin in different directions – he can spin either counterclockwise or clockwise.

Groot plays the song, Flashlight, while he’s being controlled via the remote. The faster he spins, the more of a dance mood he will get into, until he and his bowl are spinning just like a top.

Is This a Fun Toy?

The Baby Groot character in the second movie is very cute. This R/C version is also very cute as it resembles him. We personally think you’re going to laugh as you watch his character spin around. When you control Groot, you’ll have a more interactive experience because you will be responsible for deciding which way you want Groot to go and how fast he should spin.

Who is the Toy For?

Rock N’ Roll Groot is for fans of Groot. It is created for ages four and up, and even adults like playing with it. Due to the simple controls, it’s great for young kids. As we said, fans of all ages will have fun with this cute little Groot. Simply having him on display on your desk will bring a smile to your face.

Additional Information

When Groot spins, his bowl lights up, which is really neat. Groot will require a total of six AA batteries in order to run. Four of those batteries are for Groot and his bowl unit – those four batteries are included for the “Try Me” package. This means that you may need to replace them after you buy the toy. The second set of AA batteries are for the remote control and those are not included.


If you’re a Groot fan, whether you’re a child or an adult, you’re going to like this toy. Even if you buy it for yourself just to set it on your desk, it is well worth it.

This is one of the best gifts for 2017 we could think of for a fan of Groot! Make sure there are plenty vailable and get the lowest price by clicking here!

Shimmering Seashell Castle Playset

During the toy fair 2017, we noticed many new and exciting upcoming toys that you guys/girls may want to purchase for Christmas, Birthdays, or as a “just because gift.” While there are many amazing toys that were announced (they all deserve their chance in the spotlight), we are going to be focusing on one particular toy right now – the Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle playset. This playset right here would make a great gift for that little girl in your life.
Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle playset is set to be released this spring (that’s very soon). There are lights on the playset, which will be a major eye catcher. There are also gears, reversible rooms, slides, magic interaction points for those mermaid figures and we cannot forget about the sounds – all of this will create hours and hours of fun time for your little girl.
Pearl, the mermaid, comes with this set.
By flipping the switch and pressing a button on Pearl, a little light on her torso will light up. She is responsible for activating certain parts of the toy set. There’s a little switch on the playset, turn that, the magical seashell will open, pop Pearl inside of that and that’s where the fun starts.
Lots of Accessories
With the Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle Playset, you will find a lot of accessory pieces that are included along with Pearl. These accessories will keep children having fun for a long time. We also feel the need to mention the neat play area that is in the back of the set – it’s a whole new world.
The playset is full of interactive characters that children will have fun with.
This play set is great for children that are 18 months old up to age 5. So, if you purchase this playset for a child that is 18 months old, they’ll be able to use this play set for four and a half years and they probably won’t get bored of it either! This might just become her favorite toy – the type of toy she remembers when she is older. Who knows, maybe she will end up passing the toy down to her own little girl one day (we know, she’s still young, but you’ve got to think about the future, right?).
The actual playset does not require batteries. However, Pearl, the mermaid will require a total of 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are sold separately.
Another good feature of this playset would be the fact that you can easily clean it. Children are prone to spilling things, so if they accidentally spill their sippy cup on this playset, you can easily clean it up so that it doesn’t get sticky.
If you have a little girl in your life, this Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle playset would be a great present regardless of the time. She will have hours of fun with this playset and will probably giggle every time the light on Pearl comes on.

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Pawcation Royal Yacht

Disney has so many cool toys, and for this reason, when it comes time for a child to spend that allowance, they’ll stand in the aisle forever as they’re trying to pick the toy they really want to take home with them. If your child has an allowance and she’s looking for a new toy, then we recommend Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht because it truly is adorable.

What is Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht?

Your little girl can set sail aboard the Whisker Haven Tales Palace Pets S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht. This yacht is based on the Disney Junior series called Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets. What’s really cool about this toy boat is that it can really float in water. For this reason, it is fun for the child to play with during bath time, and she can take it to the pool with her during pool time. The child can use it out of the water as well, making for imaginative play.

What Does the Boat Come With?

The boat comes with an exclusive figure of Otto, which is one of Ariel’s pets. There’s a story on the back of the package that tells us how Ariel was singing on Prince Eric’s ship when she heard another voice – it was Otto singing along with her.

This is a shiny otter pup that is wearing a sailor’s hat with a glittery pink bow on its sea-green tail. Children can have fun with Otto and let him man the wheel of the ship, or let him take a dip in the paw-printed shaped pool that can be filled up with water. Otto can even take a sip from a fruity coconut drink or rest on the glittery purple lounge chair.

The set also comes with a neat looking pineapple table with a palm tree umbrella that can be attached behind the wheel or at the front of the ship.

Is This Toy Fun to Play With?

If your little girl is a fan of Palace Pets, then yes, this will be fun to play with. This one adds the exclusive Otto figure to their collections. With everything available here, and by using their imagination, children will get the opportunity to play many different types of sea-faring adventures with this toy.

Due to the fact that the boat can float, children will be able to play with it in the tub or at the pool, but don’t worry, because it is just a much fun when they’re on dry land. Children can play out what they seen on the television show or make up their own Pawcation-themed stores. Plus, we also have to include the fact that there’s going to be some pretty awesome character roleplay here due to Ariel’s pets.

Who Is This Toy For

This toy is for ages 4 and up. Children that enjoy collecting the Disney Princess Palace Pets toys and watching the television show are going to enjoy adding this to their collection of toys. Just imagine all of the sea-fairing adventures with Ariel’s pets!


Recommended for ages 4 and up
Offers unique fun play tailored around Palace Pets
Figure is included with the playset
Comes with multiple play pieces that can be used for decorating inside the yacht


With Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S. Pawcation Royal Yacht, every day for the little one is going to be a day that is packed full of magic. There is so much room for imagination here – you’ll just have to watch your child play with it in order to believe it.

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DC Justice League Collectible Figures

With the new Justice League movie, you have a new line of statues and other new products based on the DC universe. DC Collectibles introduced their latest line of “toys” at the Toy Fair this year. While there were many new toys being announced, right now, however, the one that is really standing out from the crowd of the other products would be the DC Justice League (Movie) Collection Figures and for good reason ….

The Collectable Figures

These collectable figures are 12-inches in height. You will find the following collectible figures:

Wonder Woman

These statues have been inspired by the actors in the movie.

If you don’t already know, here’s the cast that was revealed by Warner Brothers:

Justice League stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavil as Superman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.
The Statues
We had a chance to take a quick peek at the statues (you can find the pictures posted throughout the Internet) and we must say, they look pretty impressive. While they are all really amazing statues, for us, the one that really stands out from the crowd would be Aquaman – perhaps that is because he has always been our personal favorite? Either way, we just cannot get over the way he looks. Flash, with his neat looking costume, is another collectible figure that is really starting to grow on us. As far as the face sculpt for Wonder Woman goes, we aren’t really digging that, but some of you guys and girls may like it. It could just be the angle they have her. Superman is another figure from the collectible set that we couldn’t be any happier with. Batman is another statue that is never going to disappoint its collectors. In 2017, they decided to keep with the Black and White trend, which we personally believe was a good move.

Each collectible will come on a Justice League symbol base so that you can easily sit it in your display cabinet.

Just so you know, it has been revealed that the statues for the film will retail at $150. Yes, that’s $150 for a statue and each statue is unique as it is limited to a run of 5,000 per statue. This means only 5,000 of each statue will be created, making them well worth the price.
When DC showed off their Justice League movie statues, the crowd became really interesting and it becomes obvious that DC isn’t abandoning any comic fans.
When will these collectible figures become available to the public?
With only 5,000 of each statue being released to the public, it would be a good idea to be one step ahead of the crowd. For this reason, you obviously need to know when these collectibles are scheduled to hit the store shelves. At the time of writing this review, we discovered that the release date is set to coincide with the opening of the film, which is in November of 2017.
As soon as the DC Justice League (Movie) Collectable Figures release, if you’re planning on buying one, you better not wait around because they’re probably not going to sit on the shelf for very long – this is probably something you’re going to see on eBay for over $150, which will be the only route to take if the figure gets bought out before you can get it.

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Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker

Crayola Silly Scents Marker KitFinding the right toys can be rather difficult at times. You have to consider their age and what they like as well. Do you have a child that loves nature, uses their imagination, or enjoys expressing their creativity? If you have a creative child, you more than likely have a house full of paints, crayons, and markers. Imagine if they were able to create using colors they created? The Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker allows you to do just that!

The Crayola Silly Scents Marker Kit allows anyone to create their own custom markers in a matter of minutes! The kit even includes a handy mixing guide to make some unusual colors. However, the real fun is experimenting and seeing what you can create on your own.

One of the things I truly enjoy about this kit is the fact that it only takes a couple of steps to make your own markers. Simply pick out the colors you would like to use, mix them together, and dip the marker reservoir into the measuring tube. It will appear to be magic as the marker core appears to fill the ink!

Once you buy the kit, everything you need to create 16 markers is included in the box. The mixing guide is available to help you create some interesting colors, but it is always best to make your own. This kit is perfect for allowing anyone to show off their creative side.

While many people may think of Crayola as a just for kids type of kit, many adults would enjoy being able to make their own silly markers. Yet children will love the chance to embrace their imagination and creativity as they create markers designed for their own personalities.

This is one of those toys that makes a perfect gift for any time of the year. It is great for the holidays, birthdays, or just to say great job. This is a present that you are not going to go wrong with, as just about anyone is going to enjoy making their own markers!

Crayons are always a great Christmas gift idea, why not check the availability of these right here?

Bubble Ball

Zuru Bubble BallsDo you feel as though your kids need to get up off the couch and put the cell phone down for a bit? Maybe they need to go outside and just roll into their friends. Yep, you did not read that wrong, I did say roll into their friends. In fact, they can roll, crash, and even bounce! Of course, they are going to need a giant bubble ball from Zaru to do it. Let me tell you that you are going to look at these and wonder why they didn’t have this when we were kids. All I can say is it is perfectly fine to put aside your parental duties and jump into one of these, it is truly mind-blowing fun! These balls are going to be one of the hottest toys this year, so let’s take a closer look so you know what to expect.

Unlike so many high-tech toys that are available this year, this one simply inflates! In fact, it is going to inflate up to four feet tall! I know what you are thinking if it inflates there are going to be holes. Thankfully, the bubble ball does include a number of patches for those moments. However, we are very happy to say that we have not read one review where people have had any issues with holes or leaks, even with the hard use of these inflatable balls. We can only assume that Zuru used high-quality material and ensured a thorough testing process.

I have to tell you, you do not want to try and fill these up manually. It would take you several hours and your mouth and lungs would be burning. So either pull out an electric pump or buy a cheap one for this process. A small pump will have the Bubble Balls inflated and ready for fighting in under ten minutes.

Gearing up in the Bubble Ball is a rather simple task as well. You are going to find two handles on the front and a strap on the back. The strap on the back keeps the ball attached to your body, while you hold the handles to move about.

There is one thing to consider with the Bubble Balls, and that is you can’t buy just one. Actually, you can, but it simply is not going to be as much fun. When you have two or more of these balls you are going to be able to have some epic fights in the backyard! Imagine the whole family bouncing off one another, rolling down hills, and just having uncontrollable fun.

This is a toy that any kid is going to love to have in his toy arsenal. Heck, there are many adults who are craving one of these Bubble Balls, this one included. You do want to keep in mind that when you fall in one of these balls, it is just best to go with it. It is hard trying to stop yourself from falling, but once you know you are protected, you are going to love the sensation of falling, bouncing, and rolling around.

You can check out the video we have posted below that is going to show you just how much fun these Bubble Balls from Zuru truly are. You can even check out a lot more right here! Don’t feel that being an adult is going to stop you from enjoying the fun, these are incredible and will offer so much fun for family and friends.

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Beauty and the Beast: App Controlled Belle

Beauty and the Beast App DollBeauty and the Beast is a favorite Disney movie for both children and adults alike. It is one of those classic movies that were able to pass through age and sex and take a special place in all of our hearts. Like many of you, I was not too sure what to expect when I heard that one of my favorite animated movies of all time was going to get reimagined into a live action feature. I waited for the movie to hit theaters on March 17th, 2017. I assumed I was going to hate it, but instead came out of the theater with a brand new love and appreciation for this tale as old as time.

I knew that there was going to be all new toys that I could add to my already large collection. One of those that caught my eye was the App-Controlled Belle. I always love when classic toys take on a new form of technology. I knew this doll would be hot for the holidays, so I had to take a closer look at what Belle would be bringing to the toy stores.

I have to admit, I fell in love with the doll the moment I saw her. The doll fits in perfectly with the reimaging of the movie and is a fine replica of Emma Watson as Belle. From her beautiful features to the intricate design of her ball gown, it has all been perfectly captured.

I know there are many people who are going to buy this doll simply because they are either a Beauty and the Beast fan or they know someone who is. That is how it is here in my family, both me and my daughter love Beauty and the Beast, so we might end up having to buy two! However, there has been a lot of talk about the new look of Belle, with many people simply saying she is ugly. I try not to bring controversy into these posts, but I just find that disrespectful to both Emma Watson and Belle. They are both beautiful women, and I feel as though all of these dolls have captured that. It is true they do not have that same cookie cutter beauty of many of the other dolls on the market, but that is what I like. In fact, I feel as though much attention was used into getting all of the details perfect with Belle. For that reason alone, I believe this is one of those dolls that is going to become rather collectible several years from now.

If you are a collector, you are going to love the fact that the doll is designed to last. It is not like many of the other technological toys and dolls that get tossed onto the shelves every single year. In fact, this toy has a true sense of being a high-quality toy.

Now that we have talked about the beauty of the doll, let’s look at the real fun. We love that we have the ability to control Belle through the convenience of the free app. The app s going to allow us to move Belle and let her dance to several songs. All that is required is downloading the app, and instructions are included in the box.

If you are a true fan of Belle, this app controlled doll is a must have for your collection. This is one of those toys that come around which is perfect for both the child and adult. I for one will be waiting for this one to ship as I have already pre-ordered it!

Belle is always going to be the bell of the hottest 2017 Christmas gifts! Be sure to click here to get the lowest price and check for availability!