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Bat Bot Extreme


BatBot ExtremeEvery year there are new toys announced that are going to have kids going crazy with anticipation. These are the kind of toys that the wrapping paper is ripped off in a frenzy to the screams of delight. Superheroes have always been a staple of that anticipation, Batman has always been popular in this aspect. However, this year, we have our bat signal turned to the direction of the BatBot Extreme.

This toy was created for the ultimate fans of the caped crusader. The toy comes fully equipped with a bat vo9ice changer, extendable wings, multiple projectile launchers, punching fists, even a hidden Batcycle! The only thing that is missing is Bruce Wayne’s billions of dollars, but you can’t have everything! Kids are going to have a blast using this toy to help protect Gotham City and their neighborhood from the likes of the Joker, Penguin, and that one bully from down the street!

The Bat Bot Extreme towers over two feet tall, big enough to take on even the biggest of Gotha’s baddies. However, there are going to be days in Gotham when extreme measures need to be taken, and for those days there is the Power Pad! The Power Pad is going to extend the wings and arms, readying the Bat Bot for an epic battle. And when the trigger is pressed on the back of the Bat Bot, they get to experience the full power of the supercharged punch.

The Power Pad is located in the robot’s left shoulder when that is pressed it will reveal an awesomely hidden elevator. The elevator will carry Batman to the cockpit where he is able to launch a counterstrike against the enemy! Watch out Riddler! The launch buttons are also on the shoulders which allow for easy access for sending off projectile missiles!

As you know, Batman and Bruce Wayne have very different voices. It is one of the ways they are able to keep separate identities in Gotham. Your child is going to love being able to accomplish the same with the Bat voice changer. Now, all of those super-villains will not be able to figure out who is in charge of the Bat Bot Extreme!

What I particularly enjoyed about this toy, is the fact that it is going to allow children to truly use their imaginations! Imagination has been shown to help develop creativity as well as a life long love of reading.

I have to tell you after seeing this incredible figure, I would not mind spending a few hours of play time. And that is coming from an adult! If I was to get the Bat Bot Extreme for either of my boys, I know it would end up in my office while they were at school! At least I am willing to share! This is a great toy and is well worth the purchase price. It is a must for any young Batman fan out there!

Don’t let the Joker ruin this Christmas, grab this one early right here. You are going to get the lowest price, which is going to be great considering how popular of a gift this is going to be!