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Unique And Best Gifts For Bakers

Oerfect Gifts For Bakers For Chirstmas

We all have that one baker in our life who can create something incredible from the simplest of ingredients. We have found the best gifts for bakers to ensure they are always happy in the kitchen. These baking gifts are sure to lead to inspiration and creativity! Our baking gifts ideas include a sassy and original baker’s apron to tools that will allow them to make the coolest LEGO cakes!

So, if you have been asking yourself what to buy a baker….

We have the answer with the most incredible list of gifts for bakers!

Gifts For Bread Bakers

Stoneware Bread Bakers

To make the absolute best bread that is going to have family and friends flocking to the table a stoneware bread baker is an essential tool. This bread baker is stoneware, which means it is highly durable and is going to withstand hot temperatures and many years in the oven! It is going to create soft bread with a nice thick crust, which is making my mouth water right now!

Sassafras Superstone Covered Bread BakerSassafras Superstone Covered Bread Baker8 Inch Stoneware Bread Loaf Pan With Contoured Edges8 Inch Stoneware Bread Loaf Pan With Contoured EdgesSassafras Superstone® La Cloche Bread BakerSassafras Superstone® La Cloche Bread Baker


Proofing Basket Set

Regardless of whether you are searching for a professional baker or an amateur teen baker, the rights tools are needed for the perfect loaf of bread. What better way to lay the foundation for an incredible loaf, than with a proofing basket? While these may be considered an essential part of beginner baking tools, many home bakers do not have this type of set. This proofing basket will deliver a “crustier” crust and better-formed bread. The proofing basket is a serious gift for the baking enthusiast who wants to take their bread making skills to the next level!

Banneton Proofing Basket SetBanneton Proofing Basket SetBread Dough Rattan BasketBread Dough Rattan BasketOval Banneton BasketOval Banneton Basket


Bread Lame

Consider the bread lame the one tool you need when you want to get violent with your unbaked loaf of bread. In order to get the perfect loaf of bread every single time, one slash with the lame across the top will allow the bread to fully fluff out. While it is possible to use a double-edged razor to perform this task, the lame is a gift that is designed for a professional baker that wants to use the proper tools for the job.

Breadtopia Bread LameBreadtopia Bread LameAdour Bread Scoring LameAdour Bread Scoring LameHand Crafted Walnut LameHand Crafted Walnut Lame


Danish Dough Whisk

While you are trying to come up with some unique baking gift ideas, you always want to try and find some type of cool baking gadgets. Many people tend to think of kitchen gadgets as these “as seen on TV” products. However, finding a tool like the Danish dough whisk can also qualify as a unique gadget. This professional style tool will bring a sense of tradition and authenticity to any kitchen and is the perfect for any type of bread making.

13.5-Inch  Dough Whisk13.5-Inch Dough Whisk2 Pack Dough Whisks2 Pack Dough WhisksStainless Steel Dough WhiskStainless Steel Dough Whisk


Bread Knives

If you are going to go through all of the trouble of baking freshly baked bread, you want a way to slice through that warm loaf of love. Sure, you can go caveman on that sourdough and rip it apart with your hands. But let’s stay civilized and use this beautiful sharp knife.

Fibrox Pro Curved Bread KnifeFibrox Pro Curved Bread KnifeWalnut 10-Inch Bread KnifeWalnut 10-Inch Bread KnifeStainless Steel  Bread  KnifeStainless Steel Bread Knife


Gifts For Cake Decorators and Bakers

I have always found it amazing what some people can do with some flour, water, eggs, and a little bit of time and creativity. Before you know it, they have created an incredible cake that looks as amazing as it tastes. Welcome to the wonderful world of cake decorators!

Cake Tester

You know you’ve made it as a baker when someone buys you a cake tester. Sure, there are other ways to test a cake to make sure that it’s done, but when you have a dedicated kitchen tool for the task, you know for sure that it’s ready. Wouldn’t you agree that a tool that will always allow for a perfect cake is going to be one of the perfect gifts for cake makers?

Cupcake Design Cake TesterCupcake Design Cake TesterStainless Steel Cake TesterStainless Steel Cake TesterGood Grips Cake TesterGood Grips Cake Tester


Ceramic Oval Baking Set

You may have noticed that there are many so-called “ultimate baking sets” on the market, yet one of my personal favorites is this oval baking set. In fact, I use this set in my own home on an almost daily basis. Considering all of the uses this set can be utilized for, it is most definitely one of the most needed gifts for cake bakers. Considering the durability of this set, it is a gift that will keep giving for years to come.

Pie and Cake Server

When you are looking for gifts for bakers, you want to make sure they have ways to serve their incredible treats as well as create them. This pie and cake server makes a great gift for a baker as they will have the ability to serve in style and grace. What makes this one of the best baking utensils is how easily it manages to slice and serve that first piece of cake or pie! This is not only a great gift for a baking enthusiast but a dessert-eating enthusiast!

Frosting Deco Pen

How many professional cake decorators use a plastic bag with the end clipped off of their decorating needs? More than likely the answer would be zero. So why should the aspiring cake decorator in your life be subjected to it? This frosting deco pen is one of those cool baking gifts that will be used for every cake baking project. In fact, this professional cake decorator’s tool is one that will give someone an excuse to bake a cake.

Cakesicle Pan

Have you ever seen those incredible cakesicles? It combines the yummy goodness of cake and combines it with the ease of eating a popsicle. While these tasty treats look like they would be difficult to create, with the help of a cakesicle pan, it becomes a breeze. With the cake-sicle pan, your friends will be able to churn out incredible treats that are fun and delicious to eat!

Lego Cake Molds

If you are looking for cool baking pans for your friend, look no further than these awesome LEGO cake molds. The mini-figure LEGO is perhaps the most fun baking pans in the world. The figure can be decorated any number of ways. This is the perfect tool to use for multiple birthday parties. In addition, there is also a LEGO brick mold and a smaller figure mold tray. These funny cake molds are the perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen arsenal!

Rotating Cake Stand

If you are looking for gifts for cake decorators that will make their lives easier and cakes more impressive, this rotating cake stand is perfect for the task. The rotating cake stand is one of the more unique baking supplies available and allows the baker to stand in one spot and spin the cake to them. Therefore, they will get a better-looking cake with less work.

Gifts For The Pastry Chef In Your Life

Professional Cake Decorating Tips

One of the mist important elements in creating absolutely stunning pastries is the ability to create a uniform design. In order to do this, you need to have a professional set of cake decorating tips. These tips will allow for beautiful decorating that is simply too hard for freehand.

Egg Seperator

There are countless recipes that call for the yolk to be separated from the egg white. I don’t know about you, but I have messed up countless recipes by simple mistakes. Typically, I am in a hurry and I am separating the egg over my recipe and drop both the yolk and egg white in. Fast forward to today, where I always use a professional separator, in fact, there should be one in every kitchen! This tool is going to ensure that you get a perfect separation every single time, and you never end up with yolk in your pastry mix!

Drizzle Tool

How many of your favorite pastries have an incredible drizzle of icing over them. To those of us who do not bake pastries might assume that is done with a spoon. However, if you are looking to give someone the upper hand in their pastry chef efforts, why not gift them a professional drizzle tool? This tool is perfect for a finishing flair of fondant or icing!

Crème Brulee Torch

I am sure you have seen those incredible desserts that are torched on the top…and they didn’t get that look by staying in the oven ten minutes too long!Nope, these desserts had the magic touch of a Crème Brulee torch gaze upon their tasty surfaces! The Crème Brulee torch is an essential tool to give that perfect brown finish to meringues and other exotic desserts.

Pastry Bag and Tip Drying Rack

If you plan on buying the pastry chef in your life a set of professional design tools, it only stands to reason you would get a drying rack for them as well. These types of tools must b properly washed and dry for a long life. If they are not cleaned properly, there is a risk of mold formation…and no one wants to eat moldy pastries! While this is one of the more expensive gifts on our list, it is one of the most important.

Pastry Blender with Cleaning Tab

If you or your friend has ever had to work cool butter into dry ingredients, you know how easy it is to overwork it, which can turn into a ruined batter. However, using a pastry cutter with a cleaning tab is going to improve the overall quality of pastries every single time. In fact, this tool can also be used to perfectly mash up bananas and eggs.

Non-stick Pastry Mat

As you know, it is very easy to over-work dough, even if you are a professional. That is why these non-stick pastry mats are the perfect touch! The markings that are on the mat will ensure that there is never a chance of over-working the dough. Pastry chefs will love the fact that this mat includes square and circular markings for perfect pastries.

Oven Thermometer

When one is trying to bake the ultimate tray of pastries , the oven needs to be set at the perfect temperature. However, the vast majority of conventional home ovens typically run over or under their stated temp. Having an oven thermometer in the kitchen allows pastry chefs to find the perfect area to lay their pastries. In addition, these thermometers are excellent tools for finding those hot and cool spots that every oven seems to have.

Digital Kitchen Scale

When you are cooking in the kitchen, you may notice that almost all meals take measurements in volume. However, when you are creating baked goods, many ingredients are going to be measured by weight. Having a digital scale in the kitchen that can weigh in milligrams is going to be the perfect tool for absolute accuracy.

The Ultimate Gifts For Cookie Bakers

French Rolling Pin

Parchment Paper

Cookie Sheet