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Zuru Bubble BallsDo you feel as though your kids need to get up off the couch and put the cell phone down for a bit? Maybe they need to go outside and just roll into their friends. Yep, you did not read that wrong, I did say roll into their friends. In fact, they can roll, crash, and even bounce! Of course, they are going to need a giant bubble ball from Zaru to do it. Let me tell you that you are going to look at these and wonder why they didn’t have this when we were kids. All I can say is it is perfectly fine to put aside your parental duties and jump into one of these, it is truly mind-blowing fun! These balls are going to be one of the hottest toys this year, so let’s take a closer look so you know what to expect.

Unlike so many high-tech toys that are available this year, this one simply inflates! In fact, it is going to inflate up to four feet tall! I know what you are thinking if it inflates there are going to be holes. Thankfully, the bubble ball does include a number of patches for those moments. However, we are very happy to say that we have not read one review where people have had any issues with holes or leaks, even with the hard use of these inflatable balls. We can only assume that Zuru used high-quality material and ensured a thorough testing process.

I have to tell you, you do not want to try and fill these up manually. It would take you several hours and your mouth and lungs would be burning. So either pull out an electric pump or buy a cheap one for this process. A small pump will have the Bubble Balls inflated and ready for fighting in under ten minutes.

Gearing up in the Bubble Ball is a rather simple task as well. You are going to find two handles on the front and a strap on the back. The strap on the back keeps the ball attached to your body, while you hold the handles to move about.

There is one thing to consider with the Bubble Balls, and that is you can’t buy just one. Actually, you can, but it simply is not going to be as much fun. When you have two or more of these balls you are going to be able to have some epic fights in the backyard! Imagine the whole family bouncing off one another, rolling down hills, and just having uncontrollable fun.

This is a toy that any kid is going to love to have in his toy arsenal. Heck, there are many adults who are craving one of these Bubble Balls, this one included. You do want to keep in mind that when you fall in one of these balls, it is just best to go with it. It is hard trying to stop yourself from falling, but once you know you are protected, you are going to love the sensation of falling, bouncing, and rolling around.

You can check out the video we have posted below that is going to show you just how much fun these Bubble Balls from Zuru truly are. You can even check out a lot more right here! Don’t feel that being an adult is going to stop you from enjoying the fun, these are incredible and will offer so much fun for family and friends.

It is easy to see why the Bubble Ball landed on our 2017 Hottest Toys list, now be sure to click here to ensure the Bubble Ball is going to be available for Christmas morning