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10 Crazy Novelty Socks For Women That Are Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face


Socks sure have come a long way since they use to be just black or white. Today you can find so many scks that are designed to make you laugh and put you in a good mood. I love using socks as a stocking stuffer, and there is no pun intended. They are perfect for the to fill up and people love ’em! With so many different crazy novelty socks on th market, you are sure to find at least one pair that is going to say something about your friends.

Trying to pick just 10 unique women’s socks was a chore, but we had a great time doing it! We tried finding something for everyone one, but that can be difficult to do. So you can check out the entire line here and maybe something that will fit better for that special person in your life who just loves socks!

Women’s Crazy Moo Moo Socks

 Womens Tubular Cow Socks


Who doesn’t love cows? And no, we are not talking about a good hamburger! We are talking about that striking black and white design that some people just go crazy for. While cow socks may not be for everyone, these are the perfect gift for the cow fanatic in your life! These are truly unique and as soft as they are, they just may never come off of the foot!

Insane Women’s Ostrich Socks

 Ostrich Knee High Socks


Have you ever looked at an ostrich and thought it was a particularly cute or pretty animal? More than likely not, yet there are some people who happen to admire this huge bird. If you happen to know one of those people, could you possibly go wrong with this funny pair of ostrich knee high socks? I would have to say that these just might make the win for the most unique pair of socks in your dresser drawer!

Open Mouth Fish Socks

 Wide Mouth Animal Novelty Crew Sock


I have never really understood having fish as pets, but I know for many people it is a true love. So why not reward them with these open mouth goldfish socks? These adorable socks are going to be an absolute favorite and the vibrant yellow color is sure to light up the room.

Presidential Abraham Lincoln Socks

 Lincoln Knee High Socks


How many times have you found yourself with nothing to wear on Preisdent’s Day? If you happen to have a friend who is really patriotic or simply adores the 16th President they are going to flip over this fun socks!

Women’s Poo Poo Socks

 Poop Spcks


We all have those days that we just feel like poop when we wake up. For most of it seems to happen on a Monday morning and we are already late for work. Why not help put a smile on someone’s face with these absolutely adorable poop socks? Who would have ever imagined that poo could be this cute?

MooshWalks Spanky Socks

 MooshWalks Socks Spanky With Ears


There are just some socks that cannot be described and this is a pair. Are they monsters, animals or aliens? I have looked at these socks and while I can not identify what they are, I absolutely love them and am sure anyone else would as well! These little critters are just too cute and will make someone’s feet very happy and warm!

Women’s Potty Mouth Socks

 Novelty Crew Socks ) with Sock Ring


We all have those days when we just want to unleash our inner sailor. However due to jobs and family, we tend to keep as many of the big words under our breath. However, if you feel like it is getting harder and harder to contain the F-bomb, these are the perfect socks to release your potty mouth and no one will be the wiser!

Day Of The Dead

 Day Of the Dead Socks


These Day of the Dead socks are perfect for anyone who wants to have an unusual celebration any day of the week! The bright colors will tend to shy away from the fact that you are celebrating death!

Happy Mushroom Women’s Socks

 Toad Stool Knee High Socks


It is time to get truly happy with some schrooms…no we are not talking about those types of mushrooms! We want you to and your friends to get jiggy withh these colorful mushroom socks. Not only are they a little bit wacky and insane…they are just screaming for fun!

Wacky Popcorn Women’s Socks

 Popcorn Socks


If you hapen to have a friend who loves to curl up and watch a good movie, you can’t get much better than these funny popcorn socks. Heck, you almost expect to smell that fresh buttery scent!