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Kitchen Themed Gift Basket Perfect For Chefs & Foodies


A kitchen themed gift basket is the perfect opportunity to get creative and give to the ultimate gift for the chef or foodie in your life! We all have that one person who is impossible to shop for, but a foodie makes life and shopping easy and fun.

While you could run to the local department store or even the kitchen section at Amazon and grab anything and they would be happy. We wanted to make your gift stand out with the best kitchen gift ideas or baskets.

If you are in a hurry:

Our readers have found these pre-made kits to be perfect when creating their own kitchem themed gift baskets.

While you could run to the local department store or even the kitchen section at Amazon and grab anything and they would be happy. We wanted to make your gift stand out with these best kitchen gift ideas for a kitchen themed gift basket.

You may be asking yourself what to put in a kitchen gift basket? Do not worry because I have your back on this one! By the end of this post, you will be able to offer up an incredible cooking themed gift basket that will make hearts aflutter and mouths a water!

Before we start exploring some of these great ideas, understand that these baskets do not need to be complicated OR expensive. They are designed to solve a problem and simply make things easier for the recipient. There is no need to spend a lot of money of these gift baskets. In fact, you could probably pull one together for less than $20. However, if this is for a family member or really close friend, I would suggest filling it up with 5-6 nice products that will fill a need in the kitchen. Considering utensils are essential in the kitchen, let’s begin there!

Kitchen Utensil Gift Basket

As you look around a kitchen, you are going to see several items that are not only essential but mandatory in the kitchen. You have to have pots, pans, and utensils. Some may argue that utensils technically are not mandatory…we could use or hands. While I am as down for fried chicken and spare ribs I do like to have my utensils for proper cooking and eating!

So for me, I thought a good starting point today while creating the ultimate cooking gift baskets would be to start off with some unique and utensils that while not every chef has, they should!

Chef Knife – For the ultimate chef gift baskets, you can always start off with an incredible knife. Think about how much we use a knife in the kitchen n a daily basis. There is no need to run and buy one of those giant butcher blocks full of knives. In fact, you could just choose a really good serrated knife, a 9- to 10-inch-long chef’s knife or paring knife.

Cutting Board – If we are going to pick out a knife why not complement it with an awesome cutting board? It is best to have two cutting boards in a home. One for raw proteins and one for cooked proteins. This helps to keep the kitchen free of cross contamination. However, it is going to come down to personal preference as to the type and material of cutting board that is purchased. For an inexpensive addition to your kitchen utensil gift basket, think about a polyethylene plastic cutting board.

Digital Thermometer – One of the easiest ways for a meal to go down the drain is for that perfect steak to come out overcooked or the herb roasted chicken turns out pink in the middle. This is why the instant read thermometer should be included in any kitchen utensil gift basket. There are several types of thermometers to choose from, but if you are looking for the best thermometer for meats, I would recommend this touchscreen digital meat thermometer by Maison-Market. It has everything that is needed to cook any type of meat perfectly! You might even want to get two, one for the gift basket and one for yourself!

Honing Steel – I have to say that I am amazed at the number of my friends who do not own honing steel. For that matter, a good number would not even know what it is. I hate to say it, but I was one of those people! I had one in my kitchen that was my dads, and I honestly never knew what it was or how to use it, I thought it had something to do with knives. It was until I began actively searching the internet that I came across one online! Honing steel is needed to keep your knives in pristine condition. However, there is an art and science to using one, which is why I included this short video below. If you are looking to give your friend a honing steel that will take care of that new chef knife or a Samurai sword, this 12-inch honing steel would be perfect.

Kitchen Shears – I know not a day goes by that I am not forced to fight with meat, vegetables, or that one stubborn bag. Sure we all have fingers and teeth, but were they really intended to rip open that bag of candy? Of course not, which is why you will want to add this incredible set of kitchen shears into the gift basket. These shears have the ability to cut through poultry, beef, and yes open up your kid’s new toy from that unforgiving jail of a box! These professionals shears will become one of those utensils that are used every single day!

Measuring Cups- Finally, we are going to cap off the gift basket with a premium set of measuring cups. I can’t tell you how many sets of have lost over the years. This is mainly due to my children separating the one they need from the set! Before long I have none. However, I solved that issue with the Bellemain stainless steel measuring cup set. I know they are an essential part of my everyday cooking needs and they will be for the recipient of this utensil gift basket!

Pampered Chef Gift Basket Ideas

If you are a fan of cooking, you may have already heard of Pampered Chef. If not, let me explain the concept. Pampered Chef parties are held by your friends and neighbors where you can enjoy some company and learn about some really exciting kitchen products. However, not too many people consider Pampered Chef gifts as the go-to solution for kitchen gift basket ideas! Yet, we found some incredible finds that will make your gift the moon and the stars!

Here is a tip for you when you plan on creating a Pampered Chef gift basket, always try to buy from your local consultant. It is always going to be the cheapest option and you will more than likely have some fun. You can find your local consultant by clicking here. However, if you don’t feel like buying at a party, you can find a large selection of Pampered Chef products here on Amazon.

For this Pampered Chef gift basket, we are going to focus in on creating the ultimate pizza! I love some of the items Pampered Chef has for the aspiring pizza maker. With these, it is going to be hard to go wrong!

One of the most popular items you are ever going to find from Pampered Chef are their incredible stone cookware pieces. It just so happens that they have this 15″ large flat pizza stoneware that you can use as the centerpiece of your Pampered Chef gift basket! While it is just the right size for pizza, it can be used to cook up a whole variety of goodies. From incredible baked chicken to gooey chocolate chip cookies, this stoneware can do it all. However, one word of caution that you may want to pass on, the stone should always be at room temperature when frozen food is placed on it. When the food is on, place the stove in the oven. If frozen food is placed on a hot stone, the stoneware can crack. Also, this is the type of cookware that is going to get better with age. So the darker the stone becomes, the better the food will taste!

Kitchen Gadget Gift Basket

Anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen is going to have a soft spot for kitchen gadgets. These unique kitchen gifts are designed to make time in the kitchen easier and fun. They are great for any holiday but can come in real handy for Mother’s Day when you are looking for the perfect kitchen gift ideas for mom! Imagine her surprise to find a kitchen gadget gift basket at the Sunday brunch table filled with kitchen gifts for her! Check out these incredible gadgets that no kitchen or chef should be without!

Who here loves sushi?

I’ll be honest it is one of those foods you are either going to love or hate. For me, I have to say I can not stomach it. Yet I have many friends who try their hardest to make their own sushi and serve it to me. And of course, I have to decline every single time. Which I hear about how long they have been working on their sushi and just how difficult it was to make. Now if they would read my blog more often they would find the incredible Sushezi Sushi Bazooka and Rice Cube, that can be used together to create easy culinary master chef quality meals.

While the Sushezi Sushi Bazooka might have an odd name it is going to be a gem of a gift for any sushi or gadget lover. The Bazooka takes all the stress out of making sushi! You simply mash all of your ingredients into the gadget and close it up and push the mixture out onto a nori sheet. Roll it up and enjoy…it really is that easy. Regardless, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than a Japanese restaurant!

Sushezi Sushi Bazooka

The Rice Cube is very similar, yet it has the ability to make incredible finger foods other than sushi. However, it is hard not to impress anyone when you bring over a tray of perfect sushi cubes! What I like about theRice Cube is the fact that it is highly versatile and can make a wide range of finger foods…this is a perfect tool to have with young kids around the house! You can easily create bacon,cheese, potatoto cubes which will be easily snatched up!

Rice Cube
Rice Cube

To close out this gadget gift basket, you can always add in some chop sticks, oriental lighting, and other sush style flair. Your sushi loving friends will absolutely adore this type of gift basket and more than likely you will be treated to your fair share of sushi…as long as you like it!

Recipes Gift Basket

For that special someone in our life, the idea of presenting them cooking gifts can be quite rewarding, which is why I love the thought of themed gift basket ideas that center around creating a specific recipe! These types of gifts are perfect for people who like to cook, experiment, or are just learning. There are a wide range of cooking gift baskets you could create, however, I thought it would be fun to wrap up a Mexican-themed gift basket.

I know many people are afraid that this type of cooking basket is going to be too hot or too spicy.The truth of the matter is when you are creating gift baskets for chefs, you can make them as hot or mild as you think their taste would enjoy. In fact, you can always do a little mix and matching…because variety is the spice of life!

It goes without saying that the first thing you are going to need for your incredible cooking themed gift basket is the basket to place all of your goodies in! My goal with a cooking themed gift basket is to try and find a way to make the basket an integral part of the gift. Considering we are looking at Mexican gift basket ideas, I decided it would be great to build a foundation with this colorful Tortilla Warmer and Basket. It features a 10-inch diameter and is 5-inches deep. While it is not the biggest baskets, it makes a great fun setting for a themed gift basket. This basket, in particular, is handmade in Mexico and features gorgeous, bright colors. When you see the basket you know you are in for some good food and fun!

Many people typically fill the bottom of the basket with crumpled tissue paper which is fine. However, to make this more attractive, add in this woven serape table runner. Made in Mexico, the serape is sure to add an authentic flair to any party or dinner. While it is not an essential part of cook’s gift basket, they will be sure to appreciate the thought and enjoy it when creating authentic Mexican food. Now we have a basket and an authentic serape to use as decor, it is time to add in some cooking related gifts to make this themed gift basket fly!

When I am creating gift baskets for cooks that center around specific recipes or foods, I always start with a cookbook as the cornerstone of the themed gift basket. Considering this is a Mexican themed basket, I would recommend Pati’s Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking. The cookbook shows that all Mexican food does not have to be overly spicy, cheesy, or complicated to make and enjoy. In fact, the majority of the recipes are ones that everyone in the house will be able to agree on, even those who say that they hate Mexican food!

The vast majority of Mexican food uses fresh ingredients, so it becomes a little more complicated to add specific foods into this cooking gift basket. What I would suggest is to try and find a specific Mexican recipe and add all the items in, buying what you need from your local supermarket. However, if you are sending your chef’s basket out or just want to keep things simple, there are several pre-packed foods you can add. I would suggest a great set of authentic Mexican spices such as Lizano Salsa, Tajín Clásico Seasoning, Sriracha Salt, or Chipotle Powder. If you are looking to add a little humor to your gift basket, why not toss in a bottle of Scorned Woman Hot Sauce, which may or not be a good gift for women who love to cook! Or to add some variety and make your job a little easier there is the Cholula Hot Sauce Variety Pack, which will offer 4 unique hot sauces. To finish off your basket, add in a bag of Mexican candy!

I have also found that by looking on sites like Groupon, you can actually find some incredible deals for online and offline cooking classes that just might compliment your basket quite well. So when you are sitting there trying to come up with a few more kitchen gift basket ideas that we might not have explored, take a break and head over to Groupon and see what is available in your area in terms of cooking classes!

Cookware Gift Basket

We have talked about the importance of good utensils in the kitchen. On the very same front, a kitchen is only as good as its cookware. When looking to design the perfect kitchen gift baskets, you do not want to miss out on this grand opportunity. I know my mom always used these old frying pans and hated cooking in them. I wish I could go back and create one of these incredible chef gift baskets to make life easier for her. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it look like you did.

Gift Basket For Bakers

In my opinion, I think I have saved the absolute best for last. Let me offer an absolutely honest statement to you…I LOVE Baked Goods! In fact, I don’t believe I have ever met a baked good that I didn’t like! With that being said, these baked goods gift basket ideas are my fav! Just for a moment, think of an incredible baking supplies gift basket. There is so much that could be put in, and the best part is you are more than likely going to be offered some of those delicious treats down the road! Go wild with rich chocolates, exotic fruits, and flavors from across the world! These are the gifts for a baker enthusiast that are going to make them excited and want to run to the kitchen and create!

When trying to decide on a baker gift basket, you want to ficus on what they are enthusiastic about creating. Do they luve fudge brownies, fresh fruit pies, or incredible homestyle breads? Their intersts are going to be a big part of creating these diy gifts for bakers!

As you ave already seen, the most important part of creating an epic baking gift basket starts with finding the best foundation to place the rest of the unique gifts for bakers into. Now of course, you can always start with the tradiitional basket, but I fidn using something that can be used is a much better idea. In this case, I would start my gift for a baking enthusiast off with an incredible mixing bowl. Considering just about everything that needs to be baked also needs to be mixed, it would seem like a logical step! Wewant this to be the perfect gift for a baker, so I would suggest something along the lines of this gorgeous 10.5-Quart Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl