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Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

pokemon-halloween-costumesPokemon Halloween costumes are an essential item if you are looking to catch ’em all or are just looking for a whole lot of candy this year! These costumes are perfect for babies, kids, adults, even your pet! In fact, they are a great way to create a fun themed Halloween! While there are a lot of Pokemon Halloween costumes on the market, we wanted to make it easy for you.

Below you are going to find the best Halloween Pokemon costumes! Whether you are a fan of the adorable Pikachu or want to get the cool look of Ash, we have you covered in your quest!

If you want to catch them all, check out this full line of Pokemon Halloween costumes here!

I probably don’t have to tell you that Pokemon can be found just about everywhere! However, it was first released as a video game for Nintendo’s Gameboy way back in 1995. Since that time it has developed into a series of animated shows, comic books, soundtracks, movies, trading cards, and of course Halloween costumes. As of right now, there are over 802 Pokemon inhabiting our world. Imagine all the possibilities for Halloween costumes. However, for the majority of them, you are going to have to use a little bit of creativity and imagination as you are not going to find them at your local Halloween costume shop.

You will find some of the most popular characters online, and we have them all below!

Pikachu Pokemon Halloween Costumes

pikachu pokemon halloween costumesIf you know nothing about Pokemon, you still know about the Pokemon mascot known as Pikachu. This adorable yellow smiling creature is well known throughout the world. He is featured throughout the games and television show, which is why the Pikachu costume is one of the most popular in the Halloween Pokemon costume line. In fact, this is one of the Pokemon costumes that can be found for adults, boys and girls Pikachu costumes, babies, even a Pikachu dog costume! You can see the full range of Pikachu costumes here or look at three of the most popular below!

Pokemon  Pikachu CostumePokemon Pikachu CostumePikachu Costume DressPikachu Costume DressPikachu Toddler's  OnesiePikachu Toddler’s Onesie


Pokemon Ash Ketchum Halloween Costumes

ash ketchum halloween costumesAsh Ketchum is the hero of the Pokemon series, so it is no surprise that so many kids and adults want to be him for Halloween. In fact, you are going to find that both boys and girls love to dress up as Ash or Satoshi as he is known in Japan. His dream is to become a Pokemon master, as all of us do!

Pokemon Ash Halloween CostumePokemon Ash Halloween CostumeAsh Cosplay Halloween KitAsh Cosplay Halloween KitBoy's Halloween Ash CostumeBoy’s Halloween Ash Costume


Squirtle Pokemon Halloween Costumes

squirtle pokemon halloween costumesIf you have been searching for a truly cute Pokemon Halloween costume, I do not think it is possible to get any cuter than that of Squirtl. COme on, even the name is cute, unless you are in Japan and there he goes by the name of Zenigame. I will stick to Squirtle, thank you very much. Sadly, there are not that many costumes to choose from for this particular Pokemon. We have been able to find a boys Squirtle costume, a girl’s Squirtle costume, and a very simple Squirtle costume kit for a baby. Maybe it is due to the fact, that this little guy has never been able to evolve? Whatever the case, if you are a fan of Squirtle, one of these Pokemon Halloween costumes should work perfectly for you!

Squirtle Boy's CostumeSquirtle Boy’s CostumeSquirtle Girl's Dress CostumeSquirtle Girl’s Dress CostumeSquirtle Baby Costume KitSquirtle Baby Costume Kit


Charizard Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Charizard Pokemon Halloween CostumeThere is no question about it, of the some 800 Pokemon in the universe, there are some very cool ones. However, one of the absolute coolest according to fans is non other than Charizard! This is a greatPokemon costume if you are looking for the best way to be a lean, ferocious, fire-breathing dragon that is sleek, powerful, and utterly destructive! One has to wonder if Daenerys Targaryen the mother of dragons, would be able to contain the power of Charizard. We were able to find several costumes for boys and girls, including a very cool Charizard hoodie made just for adults!

Boy's Charizard  CostumeBoy’s Charizard CostumeGirl's Charizard  CostumeGirl’s Charizard CostumeChild's Charizard Halloween KitChild’s Charizard Halloween Kit


Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween CostumesBulbasaur has been a fan favorite Pomeon for years. In fact, he was named the 52nd most loved Pokemon of all time. Which is what we found odd about the lack of Pokemon Halloween costumes for this loveable guy. We know that a lot of people want to be him, but there is a lack of really good costumes available. In fact, we only were able to find a good Bulbasaur costume for girls. The other is a boys Bulbasaur hoodies and general kit. If you are looking to be this adorable Pokemon, you may have to use a little bit of creativity and create your own creation.

Bulbasaur Dress CostumeBulbasaur Dress CostumeBulbasaur Boy's HoodieBulbasaur Boy’s HoodieBulbasaur Costume KitBulbasaur Costume Kit